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  • We DON’T keep a portion of your salary.
  • You will be working directly with the client after we match you.
  • We screen our clients to make sure you are matched with a kind, supportive person.
  • Starting salaries are $5-$10 USD.
  • We encourage our clients to guarantee 20-40 hours, offer paid time off, bonuses and profit sharing.
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What the VAs are saying...

“I can confidently say that working with a Front Row CEO client is the highlight of my VA career. The client I worked with is passionate, driven, and appreciative of the value I bring to their operations. It's a collaborative and fulfilling experience that has elevated my professional growth.”

Anj Octia

“Front Row CEO clients are simply the best. They understand the value of a VA and trust me to handle critical tasks, allowing me to showcase my skills and make a real impact on their business. It's a rewarding partnership that pushes me to excel every day.”

Malou Tesoro

"Working with a Front Row CEO client has been the best experience of my career. The client they connect me with is a visionary entrepreneur who truly values and appreciates the support I provide. It's incredibly fulfilling to contribute to their success and be part of their journey.”

Ervin Rizon 

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  • Work directly with a client
  • Competitive pay rate without any agency fee deductions
  • Annual Increase
  • Work-life balance
  • Supportive community 

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