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How Our Service Works


Step #1: Sign Up

Fill out our form and let us know about your requirements.

Step #2: Vetting

We review VA applications to match your needs.

Step #3: Testing

Top-notch VAs undergo rigorous assessments.

Step #4: Interviews

You interview three outstanding VA candidates.

Step #5: Hiring

Hire and work with the VA that you like from the interview.

 A library of support videos and templates to ensure you get off to a great start with your new VA! Value: $1000


Why Choose Front Row CEO Virtual Staffing?

Our team understands the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners. With years of industry expertise, we know exactly how to vet you with your "perfect-match" virtual assistant who will seamlessly integrate into your business operations.

We pride ourselves on recruiting and vetting only the best virtual assistants in the business. Our rigorous selection process ensures that every assistant on our team is highly skilled, dedicated, and capable of handling a wide range of tasks.

Whether you need assistance with administrative tasks, social media management, customer support, or any other aspect of your business, we have a VA who can take care of it all. Focus on your core business while our experts handle the rest.

We understand that budget constraints can be a concern. That's why we offer our exceptional virtual assistant services at an affordable rate. For just $1997, you can have a dedicated virtual assistant by your side, ready to tackle your to-do list.

When I purchased Front Row CEO, I was continually multitasking and trying to find a way to manage so many differing priorities. I met with and ended up hiring the VA that Jen and her team recommended who was personally vetted for me. Almost 18 months later, my business has grown exponentially. My VA, Ayla, is now my Director of Operations and manages a team of 5 other specialists in the Philippines. We are a high-functioning team of professionals and my business is now thriving. Front Row CEO is beyond anything I wished for in accelerating my business growth. If you are serious about making a difference in your life, your business, and fulfilling your business mission - this is the service you just can't miss!


Catherine Seo

Founder and Director of Lipedema Simplified, LLC

Discover Front Row CEO Virtual Staffing

  • Take the headache out of hiring with our "one-off fee" VA service - just $1997

  • Based on your requirements we'll match you with 3 VAs ready for interviewing
  • Choose 1 or all 3 VAs

  • We guarantee to match you with a VA, or we'll continue until we do!


Frequently Asked Questions

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What People Are Saying

These entrepreneurs made the shift from solopreneurs to CEOs in their businesses in our signature Front Row CEO program.

"Front Row CEO is excellent in any kind of longevity and sustainability in being an online business owner." 

Jen Liddy

Copy, Messaging, & Content Strategist

"I followed Front Row CEO and found an amazing VA. She has propelled what I'm doing forward in lightspeed."

Amanda Herr

Business & Leadership Coach

"Front Row CEO is such a thorough process, you will wind up with somebody who really is you perfect match VA."

Lisa Corrado

Business Coach

"If you haven't signed up for Jen's Front Row CEO on hiring your rockstar VA, you are missing out."

Kim Sellars Brown

Kajabi Consultant

"Front Row CEO was so helpful, I implemented a lot and now in the trial week with 4 potential VA's." 

Mylen Yamamoto Founder and Clinical Professor

"Front Row CEO was amazing. This has been the number one game-changer in my business."

Lyndsay Morris

Online Business Mentor

"You really need Front Row CEO to find a good person. Once you do, you WILL see growth. The investment in is going to be paid back so quickly in my business."

Lindsay Sewell

Marketing and Business Coach

"I've never been felt so excited and confident about the process before I took Front Row CEO. I really feel like my VA and I will be off to a great start together."

Mandyy Thomas

Financial Coach

"Everything was there for me, so all of the supports were in place, the guardrails were there, and I am so looking forward to onboarding my perfect match VA."

Heather Frechette-Crowley

Marketing Expert

"I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put in Front Row CEO. It has been hands down the best investment I've ever made in my business."

Saranne Bowles

Funnel Strategist & Copywriter

"Front Row CEO was absolutely amazing. Jen so overdelivered. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking to organize themselves."

Lauren Hirsch Williams

Entrepreneur and Consultant

"Thanks to Front Row CEO, I went from stubbornly self sufficient to a team of 3 VA's plus an intern. I just wonder why I waited so long."

Diann Wingert

Business Strategies and Coach

"Front Row CEO is beyond anything I wished for in accelerating my business growth -  this is the one you just can't miss." 

Catherine Seo

Founder & CEO - Lipedema Simplified LLC

"Front Row CEO is making so easy to find someone that fits our needs so we don't have to deal with the failed attempts anymore."

Laura Sura

Pinterest Marketing Expert

"It's hard to describe the amazing difference Front Row CEO makes. After many years of trying on my own, I now have the BEST VA."

Nika Stewart

Short-Form Video Content Expert

Let us help you find your "perfect-match" VA!

Now is the time to step into your business . . . as the CEO!


"I really mean it - Front Row CEO changed my life. I can't wait to see where we are a year from now."

Jennifer Roberts Evangelista

Ministry Leader

"There were SO MANY incredible things about Front Row CEO that I absolutely adored!"

Janis Matsumoto

Digital Marketing Manager

"The Front Row CEO is kind of the missing piece when I was working on a big project."

Natalia Juarez

Relationship Coach

"I did hire an amazing person through Front Row CEO. It's really beyond just hiring a VA."

Miriam Schulman

Artist and Entrepreneur

"Amazing service and nothing but compliments for how you organized this Jen and Neeca."

Lynn Coleman

Copywriter and Copy Coach

"The service is over-delivering. Jen and Neeca, you are amazing."

Kat Sturtz

Innovative Business Life Mentor

"This was fantastic. I would recommend Front Row CEO to anyone whose looking to do more with their business."

Christine Sinclair

Business Consultant

"Jen, you freaking ROCK The value of Front Row CEO is at least 10x what I paid and I am so grateful for you."

Pam Carpenter

Business Coach

"I have so much confidence now. I know now that have someone backing me up. Front Row CEO was so well-done."

Marion van Dam


"I have this feeling now that I am floating through my business and it’s luxurious. I feel like I have space. The way Jen laid out Front Row CEO is so foolproof."

Belinda Wasser

Founder and CEO of VA Agency

"Jen and Neeca, the two of you are totally amazing. I so appreciate everything that you do for Front Row CEO. You both go above and beyond in everything you do."

Phyllis Pieri

Business Franchise Coach

"Front Row CEO is a game changer! I am so grateful for the service that Jen offered. I am loving my new VA! She is amazing." 

Samantha Sarsilmaz

Operation Manager

"My heart is overflowing with joy that I have my perfect match VA. Front Row CEO has been such a success for my world!"

Christine June

Professional Photographer

"If you're serious about having a VA, go for it. Front Row CEO's approach made me more productive and helped me find time to get things done."

Dr. Tilean Gordon

Chartered Psychologist & Business Mentor

"If you want to learn how to streamline your business by HIRING A TEAM! Front Row CEO will help you build up your own amazing team."

Flavia Berys

Business Attorney


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