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What People Are Saying

These entrepreneurs made the shift from solopreneurs to CEOs in their businesses in our signature Front Row CEO program.

"I really mean it - Front Row CEO changed my life. I can't wait to see where we are a year from now."

Jennifer Roberts Evangelista

Ministry Leader

"There were SO MANY incredible things about Front Row CEO that I absolutely adored!"

Janis Matsumoto

Digital Marketing Manager

"The Front Row CEO is kind of the missing piece when I was working on a big project."

Natalia Juarez

Relationship Coach

"I did hire an amazing person through Front Row CEO. It's really beyond just hiring a VA."

Miriam Schulman

Artist and Entrepreneur

"Amazing service and nothing but compliments for how you organized this Jen and Neeca."

Lynn Coleman

Copywriter and Copy Coach

"The service is over-delivering. Jen and Neeca, you are amazing."

Kat Sturtz

Innovative Business Life Mentor

"This was fantastic. I would recommend Front Row CEO to anyone whose looking to do more with their business."

Christine Sinclair

Business Consultant

"Jen, you freaking ROCK The value of Front Row CEO is at least 10x what I paid and I am so grateful for you."

Pam Carpenter

Business Coach

"I have so much confidence now. I know now that have someone backing me up. Front Row CEO was so well-done."

Marion van Dam


"I have this feeling now that I am floating through my business and it’s luxurious. I feel like I have space. The way Jen laid out Front Row CEO is so foolproof."

Belinda Wasser

Founder and CEO of VA Agency

"Jen and Neeca, the two of you are totally amazing. I so appreciate everything that you do for Front Row CEO. You both go above and beyond in everything you do."

Phyllis Pieri

Business Franchise Coach

"It’s really changed our entire business. If you truly want to scale your business, you need to hire a VA and you need to go through the process of Front Row CEO.”

Dan Culver

Business Coach and Consultant

"I have to say, Front Row CEO provided me with some ultra valuable "small hinges" to swing some giant doors.”

Jason Silverman

Marketing Expert & Coach

"If you really do want to grow your business, if you're tired of the status quo, then you should definitely hire a VA through Front Row CEO.”

Nell Edgington

Founder of Social Velocity

"My heart is overflowing with joy that I have my perfect match VA. Front Row CEO has been such a success for my world!"

Christine June

Professional Photographer

"If you're serious about having a VA, go for it. Front Row CEO's approach made me more productive and helped me find time to get things done."

Dr. Tilean Gordon

Chartered Psychologist & Business Mentor

"It feels scary at first, but once you understand what's really happening in the paint by numbers or color by numbers, then you're going to be so thankful that you did it."

Kay & Eric Suarez

Real Estate Investors and Design Specialists

"I have to say, Front Row CEO provided me with some ultra valuable "small hinges" to swing some giant doors.”

Jason Silverman

Marketing Expert & Coach

"I would recommend that you go through Front Row CEO first so you kind of know what you’re getting into.”

Dona Feyen

Founder of More Than a Review

"Thank you Front Row CEO for helping me crack phase 1 of this so incredibly! We are getting into a flow”

Shari Teigman

Business Coach

"Your support just how much you're there like that, for the price point of this program, the support that you offer is it's extraordinary.”

Kelsey Eigler

Marketing Director

Now, you have the opportunity to further develop your partnership with your virtual assistant. They will contribute to the expansion of your business and enhance your overall productivity. This will allow you to allocate more time to the aspects that hold the greatest significance in your life. Gain additional time, increase your earnings – all while maintaining your well-being and achieving greater success!