Interview Questions to ask to a Virtual Assistant

Interview questions to ask to a virtual assistant, interview questions to a VA, sample virtual assistant questions

Finding and hiring the perfect virtual assistant that matches your business requires an effective interview process and thoughtful virtual assistant interview questions. This guide walks you through the steps before, during, and after virtual assistant interviews.

Structure Your Virtual Assistant Interview

Thoughtfully planning your virtual assistant interview helps it flow smoothly. Consider:

  • Beginning with some casual conversation to build rapport
  • Giving the applicant time to walk through their background and skills
  • Asking strategic virtual assistant interview questions (detailed later)
  • Allowing time for the applicant's questions at the end
  • Explaining your hiring timeline and next steps

Allow enough time so the discussion doesn't feel rushed. Taking notes helps you compare applicants later.

Types of Virtual Assistant Interview Questions to Ask

The virtual assistant interview questions you ask should align with the skills, experience, and qualifications you need. Some categories to cover:

Experience and Background Questions

  • What previous work experiences have you had as a virtual assistant, and what tasks did you handle?
  • What particular skills from past roles equip you for this position?

Asking about their history helps gauge if they are a fit. Look for prior roles and responsibilities that mirror what you need to be done.

Technical Expertise and Tool Proficiency Questions

  • What tools, software, or platforms are you highly proficient in related to this role?
  • How do you stay updated on new technology, apps, or resources in the virtual assistant field?

Their level of knowledge around tools like email, scheduling, project management, phone, and more reveals if they have the technical abilities to succeed.

Communication Style and Working Relationship Questions

  • How would you describe your communication style and preferences?
  • How do you build strong working relationships and rapport with remote clients?

In a virtual role, communication skills are critical. Assess their ability to communicate effectively despite physical distance.

Project and Time Management Scenario Questions

  • Walk me through how you would prioritize tasks with multiple competing deadlines.
  • How do you stay organized and ensure nothing falls through the cracks when working virtually?

Look for proactive project and time management abilities essential for juggling various responsibilities.

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Questions

  • What would your process be for learning a new skill or tool you haven't used before?
  • Describe a time you solved a complex problem or issue proactively as a virtual assistant.

Evaluating their problem-solving approach helps determine if they can work independently and handle unfamiliar tasks.

Work Ethic and Motivation Questions

  • How do you remain self-motivated and disciplined in a virtual role?
  • Share an example of when you took ownership of a project or task outside your responsibilities.

Understand what drives them to do their best remotely and show initiative when needed.

Culture Fit and Collaboration Questions

  • How would you describe your work style and values?
  • How do you work effectively with a remote team or client despite cultural differences?

Look for alignment with your company culture and their ability to collaborate across boundaries.

Situational Judgment Questions

  • If you noticed an urgent issue or deadline that a client had overlooked, how would you handle it?
  • Imagine you're juggling multiple client projects with the same deadline. What would you do?

These "what if" scenarios assess their judgment, priorities, and responsibility in tricky situations.

Technical Savvy and Internet Reliability

  • What is your strategy for maintaining an uninterrupted workflow regarding power and internet connectivity?

This question is particularly pertinent when hiring a VA from the Philippines. You need to know they have reliable internet and power to support their work.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

  • How do you respond to feedback, and can you give an example where feedback improved your work?

A candidate's reaction will illuminate their approach to feedback and their dedication to improving their performance continually.

Client Relationship and Management

  • How do you maintain strong, professional client relationships?

Here, the VA can discuss their strategies for building and maintaining professional rapport with clients.

General Interview Best Practices

Beyond your virtual assistant interview questions, keep these tips in mind:

  • Maintain a conversational flow rather than just reading questions verbatim
  • Ask follow-up questions to their responses when needed for clarification or depth
  • Give the applicant time and space to respond thoughtfully to questions
  • Provide the context or background for questions when necessary
  • Listen actively and avoid interrupting the applicant while they speak
  • Keep your reactions or opinions neutral when listening to their answers
  • Offer the opportunity at the end for them to ask any questions

The right balance of structure and organic conversation creates an ideal interview dynamic.

Assess Interview Responses to Make Your Hiring Decision

Once all interviews are complete, reflect on how each applicant did.

  • Review your notes and their responses to the various virtual assistant interview questions
  • Analyze their qualifications, skills, and experience side-by-side
  • Look for the candidate that best fits your criteria and meets your needs
  • Discuss impressions of the top choice(s) with any stakeholders or team members involved
  • Contact references provided to verify past performance if needed

Taking a measured approach helps surface the right hire. Trust your instincts, and don't feel pressured to rush into a quick decision.

Make an Offer and Onboard Your New Virtual Assistant

When you've found the perfect candidate after the virtual interview process:

  • Make a verbal offer contingent on background checks or other screening
  • Follow up in writing with an official offer letter including compensation, benefits, start date
  • Clarify and agree upon scheduling, communication preferences, tools, etc.
  • Share any resources or training to help them onboard and ramp up
  • Introduce them to key contacts like team members or clients
  • Schedule regular check-ins to provide feedback and guidance

Investing in a smooth onboarding leads to better long-term working relationships and outcomes.

Conducting Thoughtful Virtual Interviews Leads to the Best Hires

Asking strategic virtual assistant interview questions coupled with following best practices for virtual interviews helps you identify and hire top talent that excels working remotely. Use the steps in this guide to structure a selective interview process. With the right virtual assistant matched to your needs, you gain back time and energy to focus on your priorities.

However, the thought of conducting all these virtual interviews seems daunting. In that case, our hiring expert team can take it entirely off your plate. We handle everything from sourcing applicants, preparing questions, scheduling interviews, assessing responses, and only sending you the top candidates. Contact us now to transform your hiring experience, shorten your timeline, and get back to growing your business.